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How to get a dog license?

 1. In addition, owners must also pay a one-time fee of Rs 50 for the license book.The BMC charges Rs 100 for every year of a dog’s life for first-time licenses. This would mean the owner of a seven-year-old dog


2. All owners must present a proof that dogs have been given shots before getting the license.

Dog Licensing Establishment:


Now a day in order to abate nuisance and to control rabies diseases stray dogs are caught by dogs licensing established and released them with identification mark back to the area where they are caught after sterilized and immunized by stray dogs lover’s association. The address and telephone nos. of Dogs Licensing Units:-

(1)   City: Office of the Dog control officer and Sr. Sanitary Inspector Dog. Licencing Establishment, Gangaram Bapu Sakpal Marg, Nagar Dhobighat, Mahalaxmi siding, Mumbai 400011 (Tel No. 23085118)

(2)   Western Suburbs: Senior sanitary inspector, Dog Licensing Establishments for H and K wards, behind Guru Nanak Dispensary, Station Rd. Bandra (W) Mumbai 400050 (Tel. No C/O 26422672)

(3)   Senior sanitary Inspector, Dogs Licensing Establishment Office for P and R wards, cattle pound Office, Entrance of linking Rd., Malad (W, Mumbai 400064 (Tel. No. C/O 28820296)

(4)   Eastern Suburbs: Senior sanitary inspector, Dog Licensing establishment Office,Municipal Office Bldg. Next to the N Ward Office, Jawahar Rd. , Ghatkopar (E) Mumbai 400086. (Tel. 25094161 Ext. 262)

Charges of Pet License in Mumbai

1. First time license charges Rupees 100/- into Number of years (age) of your Pet Dog.  That means you dog is 5 years old, then you need to initially pay Rupees 500/- as license fees.

2. Then every year renewal fees for your pet license will be Rs.100.

3. Extra, Rupees 150/- for license book issued.

*Please verify the charges at the the facilities mentioned above.